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Positively Managing Anxiety

Understand it, Control it, Reduce it... Positively!

What would your life look like if it wasn't for anxiety?

Reconnect with your inner peace with successful tools and approaches.
Relax, re-connect and re-invent your present and future whilst gaining new insights about what served as triggers to your anxiety in the past.

You will wish you'd have done it years ago!



Relax & Calm


Would you like to reconnect with your inner calm and unwind?

Take a few minutes for that much needed break and tune in to our gentle guide to help you on a route to reach a place of totally blissful calmness.

Why not make it your daily routine?

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Transform the way you think

Anxiety can get in the way of you living your life to the full, on your own terms.

It doesn't need to stay like that!

After all, you have the ability to change once you discover the influence you can have on your subconscious mind. 


What will you gain by joining our course?

  • Learn why you are experiencing anxiety

  • Build a great foundation for good mental health

  • Find your inner strength and place of calmness

  • Become once again in charge of your own feelings

  • Learn how to clear your head of things which are stopping you from from doing and being who you want to be

  • Burst through self-doubt and worries

  • Find out 5 tried and tested techniques for controlling, reducing and even eliminating anxiety

  • Have this course forever, so you can refer back at anytime


Don't put the all the good you could achieve in your life on hold any longer and


Managing Anxiety Positively Tutor

Sally Race

Wellbeing Anywhere Tutor
Registered Hypnotherapist
NLP Practitioner

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