Would you like to get into Meditation but are not 100% sure about what it entails?

Find out the answers
to the questions
you never dared to ask
with Eileen's

Introduction to Meditation Video

which will shed a light on:

  • What Meditation actually is

  • What are the myths surrounding it

  • What is the link between Meditation and Religion

  • What do you need to do in order to be able to Meditate

  • And, most importantly, how can you benefit from it

which is also an introduction to our new course:

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Who has this course been designed for?

The Complete Beginner: You've probably been thinking about learning Meditation for a while; you maybe looked around on the internet to find out more about it, but got overwhelmed with all those different options! You aren't sure where to start and you feel a bit apprehensive about it. So you just keep putting it off .. and putting it off .. and putting it off ...

The Busy-but-Rusty Re-starter: There was a time when you already tried it once before, and you did feel some real-time and real-life benefits .... but the pace of modern life and other commitments just got in the way. In hindsight, you feel that with a tiny bit of extra support and motivation, you'd love to get back into it again. Your main challenge, though, is finding a way to make it fit into your busy life...


The Healthy-Self-Aware ... and Meditation-Curious: You're already very pro-active about your own health and wellbeing, and you already have your own enviable range of self-care and self-growth regimes that you're committed to. Now, you want to introduce a more relaxational holistic practice into your life that feels uplifting and worthwhile to you, and definitely not like a tiresome daily chore!


Sounds a bit like you? Hey, that's great!

Then it's no mistake that we met here today!

Eileen Strong

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Holistic Therapist

Certified Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach

Certified facilitator for “The Passion Test” workshops & coaching

Quantum Touch Energy Healing instructor/practitioner 

EFT Practitioner