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Eileen Strong

Meditation Teacher

Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach &  Holistic Therapist
Certified Quantum-Touch Instructor/Practitioner

Facilitator for "The Passion Test" Workshops & Coaching

Advanced Practitioner Meridian Energy Therapies (EFT) 

Eileen Strong is a Certified Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach with more than 15 years' experience in Alternative & Holistic Therapies.  She has been teaching Meditation since 2014.

Her mission is to help increase awareness and inspire action in people who want to re-claim their optimum health and rescue their most authentic self! 

When faced with life's challenges, she knows how tempting it can be to just sit and wait for things to get better but .....what if they don't ?  Eileen believes that everyone has unlimited inner resources they can tap into that are often just waiting to be unleashed by an "Aha"moment!    Now is the best ever time to take action.  Be just that little bit braver. Shine that little bit brighter.  Move that little bit faster. And, laugh more!   


Even just the smallest changes that you make will accumulate over time into big differences, not only in your own life, but radiating out to those around you too. It all helps make the world a better place.

Meditation is (perhaps surprisingly) just one of many techniques Eileen can share with you to help you make a start. This Learn To Love Meditate Course provides a comprehensive overview of the Art of Meditation; it brings learning to life and will encourage and support you in making  big changes through small daily actions that you can fit into any daily schedule. 

Looking forward to working with you soon.    

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