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Jadwiga James

Licensed Homeopath

Advanced Bioresonance Practitioner

Access Bars Practitioner

Jadwiga is interested in everything health-related, especially when it involves natural and holistic approaches.

Having underwent her own journey which aim was to find long lasting solutions to her and her family’s health problems, she gained an extensive knowledge in a wide range of disciplines which she’s always happy to share with her customers and patients, both in her clinic face to face, and online.

Jadwiga believes that knowledge is power and is on a mission to help as many people as possible to take their own health in their hands and, through becoming masters of their own conditions and illnesses, finally discover an approach which works for them, specifically, after all, there is no space for one-size fits-all when it comes to your wellbeing!

Jadwiga’s courses are designed to help you on your journey of discovery, discovery of how your particular health problem works, what processes hide behind its name as well as the multiplicity of its triggers and symptoms it can cause but, most of all, helping you to identify and express YOUR experience, which can very well be completely different to anyone else’s!

From there on, she’s supplying you with different approaches so that you can find a solution which would work for you- and all of this in a completely practical way, there’s nothing worse than learning about things you couldn’t possibly apply in real life circumstances!

Jadwiga’s audio downloads centre around the use of Access Bars tools, designed to help you let go of what no longer serves you in order to make space to create new possibilities- what would you become if the past, trauma, judgements, money, weight, low self-esteem, or what your in-laws think weren’t holding you back?

Jadwiga James is a licensed Homeopath, Herbalist, Detox Therapist, Bioresonance and Access Bars Practitioner and a registered member of the Complementary Medical Association.

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