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love to 

Master the self-empowering
Art of Meditation

​This Course will teach you how to craft your own unique Meditation practice,

use it for a wealth of health and wellbeing benefits for life,

AND get it all started in just

10 minutes or less a day!

Not sure you can fit Meditation into your busy daily routine? 

Then you could be quite surprised!

This course will provide you with a practical step-by-step guide to meditation that you can easily

experience, adopt and adapt 

to fit into any daily schedule! 

You'll soon start reaping the rewards of Meditation .....even when nobody else even notices you doing it


Relaxing Outdoor

Highlighted Benefits of the Course

Whether you're a complete beginner or a rusty re-starter, this LEARN TO LOVE TO MEDITATE course will:

  • Teach you a powerful and effective 10-minute foundational Meditation Technique to get you started;

  • Enable you to switch from "stress-mode" to "calm and relaxed" in super-quick time, anytime;

  • Help you hone and tone your powers of focus and concentration, reducing the chatter and distraction of an over-busy mind;

  • Encourage you to practice the power of deliberate intent and deepen your self-connection throughout your day; 

  • Give you 3 Keys to Success that will help you establish a solid yet flexible Meditation practice in your life;

  • Help your Meditation practice feel more like a much-loved self-care ritual rather than a rigorous chore! 

All in bite-size chunks to study at your own pace.    

Do you need to relax?
Get our FREE  Video Preview

"Meditation for Relaxation"
The Science Behind It

This video explains just one SCIENCE FACTOR behind MEDITATION  that highlights:

  • How Meditation Works - just one Science Factor that speaks for itself! 

  • Classic signs of our natural Stress V Relaxation body cycles

  • Why Meditation is so popular in all the Health & Wellbeing circles

  • How Meditation gives you a tool to help you relax more, anytime. 

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Eileen Strong

What to Expect from the Course

Let your tutor guide you through your first essential steps on your Meditation journey...starting today!

Your one-time investment includes unlimited access to the whole course including:

  • SIX pre-recorded video presentation lessons to study at your own pace;

  • A 40+ Page Student Handbook course companion, including highlighted learning points, actions sheets and additional resources to enhance your learning experience;

  • A "Learn to Love to Meditate Collection" of guided meditations to compliment and support your own self-guided practice;

  • Optional private Facebook student support group with bonus monthly live coaching/Q&A opportunities direct with your Tutor;

  • Priority access to other exclusive optional health & wellbeing bonuses.

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Eileen Strong

Meditation Teacher

Certified Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach &  Holistic Therapist

Certified facilitator for “The Passion Test” workshops & coaching

Quantum Touch Energy Healing instructor/practitioner 

EFT Practitioner

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