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10 signs that your Base Chakra is out of balance

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

In the previous blog we discovered that the Base Chakra is all about the basic survival needs, such as security, health, safety, food, warmth,etc.

How do we know when it's out of balance?

Here's a list of 10 most common signs which indicate that your Base Chakra requires some attention:

1. You have a tendency to overeat or hoard certain things.

2. You feel like you never have enough food, money, sex or possessions which are often reflected in fears of poverty or unemployment.

3. You often feel very restless and may find it challenge to stick to things such as the same job or a relationship and tend to do a lot of 'drifting' from one place to another.

4. You often experience feelings of insecurity, anxiety or unexplained feelings of fright.

5. You find it really hard to let go and trust.

6. You can often find yourself being quite negative and critical towards yourself or others.

7. You suffer from pain/discomfort in your legs, knees and spine, or even experience sciatica. You may have varicose veins.

8. You may have experienced depression in the past or still suffer from low moods.

9. There may be many issues concerning bowel problems, either resulting in constipation or a frequent need to use the bathroom; impotence may also be an indicator of your root chakra being out of balance.

10. Problems moving forward in life and/or feeling stuck in a rut.

Whenever I notice any of the symptoms relating to an imbalance within any of my chakras, turn to the Divine Energy of Reiki in order to remove any blocks and imbalances within my energy field. Reiki is a gentle yet powerful mode of energy healing which I would love to share with you in my Level 1 Reiki course; you can find more about it here.

If you are completely new to working with the subtle energies of the body, I offer a FREE Aura Guide which serves as a fantastic introduction to recognising and working with auras, you can get it here.

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