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Reiki Level 1

Embark on a life-changing adventure

Reconnect with your purpose in life and re-discover your ability to heal yourself as well as the others.
Heal your Past, Support your present and Transform your future with the use of the Divine Energy of Reiki.

FREE Aura Guide

Would you like to find out how to recognise and feel for auras?

Get your comprehensive all-in-one guide which will explain:

  • what Auras are

  • what their purpose is

  • how to feel and recognise your own aura

  • how to feel auras of others

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Take the path of transformation

Learn how to manifest your goals and bring the powerful yet gentle energy of Reiki into all aspects of your life.

Become the transforming force for your own self development as well as for the benefit of others.


What will you gain by joining our course?

You will burst through the barriers of self-limitation

You will gain valuable knowledge about the history, principles and application of Reiki 

You will reconnect with who you truly are

You will have an opportunity to undergo 4 transformational attunements! Most of Reiki courses only offer 1!

You will find out how to connect with your guides and intuition

You will learn how to use the Divine Energy for the benefit of yourself as well as others

As well as all of the above, you will be invited to become a part of an exclusive Facebook group hosted by a Reiki Master, where you will be able to share your successes, and ask any questions relating to your journey as well as make connections with other students 


Don't put the all the good you could achieve in your life on hold any longer 


Reiki Level 1 Tutor

Anne Marie Allen

Wellbeing Anywhere Tutor
Reiki Master
Holistic Practitioner

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